The other two ways it works fine. I’m going now to clean out my driver. Not your average framer , Sep 9, If it has a push on connector it’s also easy to swap the gun for a blower, or a rigid tab gun, although my gun also fires semi-rigid tabs – again never ever jams – whatever. One of the biggest things we have found is that it’s the Flexi green that has all the problems. I’ve ask Fletcher people about this problem at shows and they have not offered any solutions.

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Fletcher Terry FrameMaster Rigid Point Driver

We live and die by our two fleximasters and one black point driver and one yellow driver. I bought it brand new becuase I drove poiht old one into the floor as hard as I could after jaming ever 40 or so points.

Saving an item or moving it to a list does not guarantee price or availability. Hint — click the icon to view specific applicable details, like color swatches, pigments, and more! Share This Page Tweet. I did inquire about the possibility of defective points and was told that there was was no way that could be. I can’t recall which gun it was but once I needed a replacement spring after mine broke in half the spring not the gun might have been the F I always like to have a spare backup box of “known” good fasteners around to hold me flftcher until a later bad batch can be replaced.


Fletcher Point Drivers

JuliaSep 4, It’s like the Cold war all over again. Don’t see your lists here? This might be a quick solution, since Murphy’s Law provides that jams only occur during large rush orders. FramarSep 8, I have kept my old Red Devil point driver running for 40 years this way and it was ancient when I got it!

All four of my Fletcher point drivers are more than ten years old, and each of them has probably fitted at least 5, frames.

I don’t think the ink is completely dry on your marriage license yet. Tell me more about placing orders Now I’ve a Pneumatic one with a horizonatl clamp that will hold the largest profiles leaving both hands free, but all they have to do is press a button anyway.

It’s not a money issue. It’s clearly a defect in the design of the flex point driver. Is that what is called a “Telephone Tree”, Brother Baer? I got around that by using the magazine from the old gun – it fitted and worked fine in the new gun, which meant I could buy Cassesse etc points for a lot fletccher money, and before anyone says – ‘using pojnt not designed for the gun would casue a problem’ forget it!

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Picture Framing Products | Fletcher Framers Points and Driver

The green manual ones. If you find fleximasteer defective batch of Fletcher points, get the box replaced. Ladies and Gents, Thanks for all of your suggestions. A rear stabilizer stands this tool upright. That seems to help quite a bit.

Last we heard, there were over 50 phones on that tree now. I face this kind of problem with 3 of my Fletcher Drivers I suspect that it is the points or the glue that holds the stacks of points together.

Just pitch ’em and get a new stack. Log in or Sign up. Am glad to know I am not the only one with this annoying problem.

That has happened to me three times in the past, but not lately. Cleaning the channel with lacquer thinner on a Q-tip also de-gunks the innards. Baer CharltonSep 8,