Theone-touch dial function will be cancelled. Sign up Sign in. Table of Contents 1. Introduction and Installation5 Insert the paper input tray to the unit, lifting the frontpart of the tray. This is normal and the software will not causeany difficulties with your operating system. Enter a new 4-digit password using 0—9. How to receive phone calls and faxesYou have to answer all calls manually.

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If you still have this problem, contact our servicepersonnel. L Do not pull out the jammed document forciblybefore lifting the ADF cover.

Panasonic KX-MB772 Driver

Introduction and InstallationIf panasonic multifunction printer kx-mb772cx top part of the extender is detachedIf the extender is detached1. Introduction and Installation3 Place the toner cartridge 3 into the drum unit 4 vertically. When the recording paper has jammed near themanual input tray: L Be sure to use the telephone line cord included in this unit.

L A hyphen or a space entered in a telephone numbercounts as 2 digits.

L This unit is compatible with Caller ID. L When you operate this product, the power outletshould be near the product and easilyaccessible.


General InformationToner lifeToner life panasonic multifunction printer kx-mb772cx on the amount of content in areceived, copied or printed document. This printer is buil t to offer functionality as well as convenience.

See page 21 for details. Thedocuments will not be reduced to fit the recording paper,so this feature is useful for copying small sizeddocuments such as business cards. Panasonic multifunction printer kx-mb772cx Offer cannot be clubbed with Bajaj Finserv for this product. Whenprinting multiple pages, add a next page after the firstpage has been fed into the unit.

The other party complainsthey only hear a fax tone andcannot talk.

Panasonic KX-MB772 Driver Download

Tryturning the recording paper over. Enter the new password again. How can we help you? Cleaning4 Close the ADF cover. Quick links Product Type: L Do not pull panasonic multifunction printer kx-mb772cx the jammed paper forcibly beforeopening the top cover. Mltifunction Please refer to page 84 for information on recordingpaper. L The document was not fed into the unit properly. Cleaning3 Close the document cover 5.


L If the [Select For more information on the availability ofthis service in your area, please contact yourtelephone company before setting this feature onyour unit.

Enter the current password. Additionally, the unit will not accept faxes originatingfrom printef that match the ones on panasonic multifunction printer kx-mb772cx programmablejunk fax prohibitor list. Open the manual input tray 2 and remove thejammed paper 3 carefully by pulling it upwards.

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L Push and lock the plate 3 in the paper inputtray, if it is lifted. L The recording paper is too damp. L See page 52 for details.

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For documents containing only text. L You can confirm if the unit is connected to yourcomputer on Device Monitor page