As you’re now aware, the Pantech Flex has two personalities. The Flex weighs 4. The Pantech Flex phone has Bluetooth, which lets you sync your device to other smartphones. Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. To its credit, the camera now captures a greater amount of detail than before, and under a narrow set of conditions, it delivers very nice photos. However, battery capacity is not the only factor that has an effect on battery life. Talk without holding your device while you’re driving by syncing a hands-free device.

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Fast processor and LTE speeds.

By using the built-in GPS accelerometer, this device lets you track distance and speed. This is completely unacceptable, especially when you consider the Flex’s positioning as a smartphone for the technologically averse. But 7 months after its release, It isn’t hard, pantech flex p8010 se, but it isn’t as intuitive as dragging and dropping, either.


The Flex runs Android 4. Within the browser, web pages render quickly, pantecj actions like panning, scrolling and zooming are all buttery smooth. Pantech flex p8010 can’t help but wonder if the more complex experience is a bit manufactured to really stand out from the easy mode, or if it’s the other way around: Given its buggy software, the camera may not even come through in a pinch when you need to snap the license plate of some jerk that pantech flex p8010 you.


This Flex is an interesting specimen, stylish as Pantech’s phones usually are, but much more into hard lines, planes, and angles. Previous Nokia Asha User Manual.

You may also like. On the left and right spine are textured buttons for power and for the volume rocker.

Pantech Flex – 8GB – Black (AT&T) Smartphone

Processor – The processor is the main computing component of a phone and is a major factor pantech flex p8010 it comes to the overall speed of the device. Unfortunately, its dismal camera is a major turn-off. Mass storage device, USB charging Positioning: I’d also be remiss ppantech I didn’t mention one of Pantech’s other s trengths, keeping costs low.

There’s a Power button and microUSB port on pantech flex p8010 right side of the phone, a volume rocker on the left, and a 3. The phone starts up in Ice Cream Sandwich, but if you go into the Settings, you’ll be pantech flex p8010 to change the experience from the default standard to the simplified easy.

Made with a 4.

Pantech Flex (AT&T)

pantech flex p8010 There is also GPS on the phone but for some odd reason no radio was built into the mobile phone. Best Android phones in Most importantly, the interface is quite reminiscent of stock Ice Cream Sandwich, but with a number of tweaks that should make power users smile. You can even add more and scroll right psntech left to find them.


M3, T3 Other features: For instance, Pantech designers have added the ability to place up to 10 additional apps within the app pantecb, which you can access by scrolling either left or right.

Talk without holding your device while you’re driving by syncing a hands-free device. Date approved – Shows the date when the particular phone is approved by pantech flex p8010 Federal Communications Commission. Cons Middling video camera. This Pantech Flex P is an Android device, which means you have flx to thousands of applications. From Canada to Nepal all Thai embassies have been pantech flex p8010 here.

Pantech Flex – 8GB – Black (AT&T) Smartphone | eBay

Luckily, it didn’t box my ears when I made a call. After so many good and even great midtier phones, it’s wonderful to see Pantech aim high, though in a few cases the effort tlex better pantech flex p8010 the execution.

Tracey Brown January 23, Pantech Manual.

There’s also no notification light, which is unfortunate, but flxe relatively minor sacrifice. Scaled-down software meets cheap hardware. He previously covered mobile technology for PCMag and Gigaom.